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On behalf of TV lesson calm, this is zephyr clarke-dolberg with miami dog training in miami florida. How to clean your dog’s, eyes and ears. Now the eyes are pretty simple. At least his eyes know some dogs do have.

I I deformities – or I doubt I problems like the entropion eyelid, where it’s folded in on itself. You know in those cases you want to you really, you want to use your fingers in close and kind of push push down, and it brings the eye lid out alright and older dogs.

You find you have to do this a lot of times too. They’ll end up with large amounts or dogs with allergies Aled. You know, usually, when you see our food allergies, there’s. There’s quite an amount, a large amount of eye doc, but anyways we’re, just going to pull it down, so we can expose the inner lid and you know and really want to look around, see that there’S not anything in there now ruckus doesn’t have much.

Although he’s, a bulldog and his skin is folded, you know and has plenty of folds, and – and that is something you want to look at with other dogs like right in here. You know this is where the tear-stained comes down and, as you can see right there, that a good thing to do with that might be a little malesub wipe every now, and then they have tears stain products there’s also at the product called Angel, i, that that helps it’s, a it’s, a mineral that helps calcium, helps coagulate the cook.

So let’s. Talk about the ears! You know traditional ear, cleaner. I’ll ear. All this is called ear: all air cleaner, reduces, ear, pet odor and and basically what you want to do. You want to open the ear flap up, push them down in there and then and then massage it you want to massage.

You want to massage the liquid down in there before he shakes. You know a lot of times you’ll smell it. They eucalyptus II smell from these products, which is really nice, and it keeps them nice and clean.

Let them shake it out, let them shake it out and then wipe off any excess from the ear canal and voila his ears and eyes have been cleaned and then let him shake it out again. On behalf of TV lesson calm, this has been zephyr clarke-dolberg thanks for watching

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