Disposable Quaternary Ammonium Disinfection Wipes

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This is a quaternary ammonium disinfectant wipes

This product is made of non-woven fabric impregnated with a compound double-chain quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant, and the content of the compound double-chain quaternary ammonium salt is 0.18% -0.22% (W / V).

Can effectively kill pyogenic cocci, intestinal pathogens, pathogenic yeasts, common bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, Acinetobacter baumannii.

Clean and sterilize in one step, no irritation, no corrosion, easy to use

Efficient disinfection and sterilization


Size: One piece of 18 * 16 cm

Weight: 55g

Material: Non-woven


Single use, clean and hygienic

Efficient disinfection of quaternary ammonium salts

Can be used for disinfecting and cleaning the surface of objects

Non-irritating, non-corrosive, easy to use

10 pieces in a pack

Package Included:

1 * disinfection wipes (ten pieces)


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