Small Exotic Animals You Can Own As Pets

Small Exotic Animals You Can Own As Pets

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Sometimes having the same old petjust isn’t good enough. Why adopt apet everyone has when you can get somethingotherworldly exotic and just plain weird trust me you’re going to want to strapin for this one expect the unexpected and pigs expect pigs and that’s one of thenormal ones. Let’S dive in for a look at 12small exotic animals. You can own as pets. Likeand follow right now or you’re gon na havebad luck for the next week. Don’T riskit! Let’S start the tiny terrier, okay, sohaving, a dog! Isn’T that exotic, but what abouta dog the size of a can of coke pretty crazyright? This tiny terrier stands at around 2.75inches tall and weighs as much as a hamster. Now you can’t tell me: that’s not exotic therearen’t many coke can sized dogs out there youknow when maisie was born. She was so small thather owners, almost tossed her in the trash havingmistaken, her tiny body for some leftover, placentaand, we’ve all been there haven’t we thankfullythat didn’t happen and maisie went on to becomeone of the internet’s most beloved, tiny dogsso. For those of you. Looking for a tiny coke, cansized dog, there’s still hope for you yet justset a google notification alert for smallest dogguinness world record and you’re, basically halfwaythere daegu for some people. The idea of having arodent as a pet is an absolute no-go, but the daeguis actually pretty adorable hi everyone, you comingup, yep, hello, hello. Goodness me hello. As a memberof, the sub-order cavio morpha, the daegu is relatedto guinea, pigs and chinchillas, though scientificstudy has actually suggested that they’re moreclosely related to rabbits and if you want tocall bugs bunny a rodent good luck to you, becausethey’re so fond of human interaction. The daeguhas become a popular pet, with exotic animal loversmany of whom construct elaborate, playpens, just fortheir precious little rodents. As long as you canstand, living in the relatively cold temperaturesthey require you can adopt a daegu and enjoy theconstant attention from your favorite new petand. Yes, i do mean constant attention. Think of adaegu, like a newborn child, only no babysitter iswilling to look after it.

That’S pretty much whatwe’re dealing with here, but it’s so cute micro pigif. Your house already looks like a pigsty whatharm. Can an actual pig do for those of us thatdon’t have space or interest for a full-size pigin the house. The micro pig is a good alternative when appropriately bred micro pigs, never growlarger than half the size of a farm, pig makingthem, perfect pets for people who just want alittle bit of farmyard charm at their feet: whilemaking scrambled eggs and yes, those people doexist. According to the animal experts, micro pigson average live between 5 and 10 years. Althoughthey can live for up to 25 years. If they’reproperly looked after, while the experts havewarned against keeping a pig at home, there areno laws against it. If you really think your houseis missing the energy that a tiny, energetic pigcan bring go right ahead, but don’t cook any baconwith it in the room, that’s just sadistic millipedei! Don’T think anybody expected this to be on thelist while they may seem like the kind of animalnobody. Would want in their home the african giantmillipede is a popular pet among exotic animallovers. These unusual pets can grow up to 10 inchesor more in length and are very easy to look. Afternot only are they herbivores and inexpensive tofeed, but they’re also incredibly low maintenanceand easily handled making for a generallyhassle-free pet. So i guess the old saying is truethe more lags. You have the more laid back you areonce, the millipede is in a suitable terrarium. Thehard work is pretty much done as long as you keepthe little guy fed and watered correctly you’llnever have to worry about him again. It’S alsoa great insect to freak out your oversensitivefamily members. During get-togethers, which i thinkwe can all agree, makes the whole thing worth theeffort axolotl. If our research is anything to goby reptiles, make for the most popular exotic petsand, there may be no more popular exotic reptilethan. The axolotl, a large mexican salamander thesereptiles, are considered one of the best pets forpeople who are new to the world of exotic animals, while they need particular temperature conditionsand. A suitable aquarium filled with waterthe axolotl is pretty easy to take care of infact. The most challenging part may be removingthe excess axolotl waste from the aquarium. Whichlet’S be honest, is not a job that anybody reallywants to do for any pet. Even those that aren’t bigfans of reptiles have to admit that the axolotl isadorable, regardless of how much mess they makeit’s easy to see why so many people like to keepthem as pets. I mean they’re more interesting, thanfish at least no offense to any fish watching thissugar glider. There’S never been, and possibly willnever be a more perfect name for an animal thanthe sugar glider. Much like how children eatingsugar will get hyperactive and start jumping oneverything the sugar glider. Pretty much does thesame thing, these adorable little marsupials willeat anything sweet, especially natural fruit, orvegetables, feeding them peach yogurt. They hateall other flavors, though, which is weird and havea genetic ability to glide from tree to tree, so ifyou happen to have a rain forest inside your housethis is a perfect pet. The sugar glider is nativeto, australia and indonesia’s rainforests, thoughfor the past 12 to 15 years. They’Ve been bred, ashousehold pets in the united states, they’re alsoknown to be incredibly loyal and close to theirhuman families with some humans taking their sugarglider to the grocery store in their pocket. Andapparently they’re more well behaved than humanchildren, although i think we all expected thathonestly hermit crab of all the pets you couldpossibly own crabs are certainly one of themore unique but they’re, actually pretty easy, totake care of and much less bitey than you may bethinking. Hermit. Crabs are technically not truecrabs in the traditional sense, these crabs areknown for their soft abdomen, protected by a bigempty snail shell, the bigger they get the biggerthe snail shell. They need to find, however allof that tends to happen when they’re in the wildcaptive crabs tend to be much easier to take careof, unless you happen to put two mismatched crabsin the same enclosure. If you make that mistake, youmay wake up to find two crabs in a fight to theend and you don’t want to get caught up in a crabfight one, wrong move and they’ll turn you intobisque delicious, but it’s not the way you wantto go out, bearded dragon! No! We’Re not advocatingfor a hipster dragon, you can relax, we won’t beasking any questions about artesian coffee, andsourdough, bearded dragons are lizards native toaustralia, usually identifiable by their spikybeard-like collar generally they’re consideredgood pets for new owners, though they requiresome specific conditions. In order to you, knowsurvive, don’t really be mean, don’t yell at themjust, you know be patient they’re, just while thethought of owning a dragon might sound. Intensethese pets are incredibly docile and gentletowards humans, meaning their owners. Neverreally see the aggressive side unless they’vetruly pushed the animal to their limit and let’sbe honest if you’ve managed to tick off a dragonyou might have it coming. But if you can somehownot irritate your pet, you can have the honor oftelling everybody that you have a pet dragon. Andisn’T that what we’re all looking for in life thechance to own a dragon and have a moat – i know i amhashtag king life, chinchillas generally peopletend to gravitate towards the pets they can hugand cuddle the chinchilla while kind of cute isabsolutely, not that animal. In fact, they tend toexpress their affection in non-cuddly ways, theyalso like to have a pretty clear schedule, forbeing handled and fed. So i guess you could saythat this exotic animal is one that’s more high maintenance. All that said, chinchilla ownersoften point out just how playful and energetictheir beloved pets can be they’re, not the kindof animals to lay around and watch a how it’smade marathon all day like the rest of us theyare nocturnal, though so they’ll probably skipthe marathon, just to sleep before The night’sexercise of running around, despite all thisdistance and lack of cuddles chinchillasare known to bond closely with their ownerswhich, is pretty cute. They may be rodents butthey’re. Your rodents now put how it’s made back onhalloween moon crab. Thankfully, despite thename, these crabs can be pets at all. Timesof the year not just spooky season, the halloweenmoon crab gets its name from its unique coloringthe combination of halloweeny colors, like blackand orange. These pets hail from the sand. Dunesand rainforests, along the pacific coast, andhave been known to grow up to 2.5 inches longand live up to 10 years. It’S hard to find amore exotic crab than the halloween moon. Crabthey have different names as well, but mostlythey’re known as the halloween moon crabmostly, because many people have just never heardof these things. You could easily brag about yourhalloween moon crab and land yourself, a drinkor six and since they’re, mostly herbivores, youcan feed, it leftover scraps of leaves and it’llbe more than happy the halloween moon crab isdefinitely, one of the more exotic animals youcould adopt and their low maintenance lifestylemeans. You have more time to down the drinks peoplebought you for owning a crab, fennec fox sure foxesare, not your go-to pet, but if you’re looking forexotic authentic fox, also known as a desert fox isone of the best options, it’ll certainly get peopletalking. While these animals may be known for theirindependence, it’s not unheard of for them, toenjoy a game of fetch with their human owners. It was such a good job, making them no differentfrom a dog except obviously they’re, not dogs, theseanimals, also don’t like to be handled so much. Andthey tend to be pretty jumpy and cautious if theyfeel startled by something nearby, but if you’reokay with all of that, and also with the habit ofmarking their territory all over your home, this isdefinitely, the animal for you. You should probablyalso be aware that they’re nocturnal animalsso, while you can get an extraordinary pet youalso, get involuntary insomnia what a fun time foryou leopard gecko. If you’re looking for a reptilethat, you can keep without having too much worklook no further than leo the leopard gecko thissmall lizard is native to asia and is basicallyone of the most hands-off pets. You could getwith their upbeat personalities. The leo is one ofthe, few reptiles. Who can withstand just about anytemperature? They also don’t bite, which is also aplus when selecting pets dates or family members.

So we have a low maintenance, non-biteyupbeat gecko we’re already looking ata reptile. That may just be the perfectexotic pet on the planet. If you couldsit and watch football and drink beerwith you, it would probably be the numberone animal on the planet. Honestly, i’m kindof disappointed that we missed out on thatso close. I don’t know about you, but iwould happily adopt any of these petsexcept for the millipede, which was a little tooweird for me, but the others absolutely maybe notall at once, which of these exotic pets wouldyou like to adopt. Let us know in the commentsbelow and don’t forget to like and followto see more of our content. See you next time.

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